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Cheapest, untraceable, anonymous

Coinmix is the first mixer of the market with its own liquidity — meaning that it doesn't depend on any third-party provider.

How To Mix

Step 1: Start the bot’s menu

Firstly, we need to go to the bot’s menu, with the use of the command /menu.

Step 2: Set withdrawal wallet

Set your withdrawal wallet. This is the wallet where you will receive your funds after they’re mixed.

Step 3: Deposit the funds to be mixed

You are given a deposit wallet address, which you can click/tap to copy. This is your deposit wallet which represents your balance on our tool. Our tool does NOT require you to connect your wallet or interact with any contract. Your funds will automatically be sent to your withdrawal address, after a few minutes.

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Step 4: Set the withdraw address

Before being able to withdraw your funds, you will need a withdraw address. The withdraw address is the place where you are expecting your money to be sent/mixed away. This is a wallet of your choice, and all it does is receive the money. Please make sure you have access to the withdraw address as one of your own personal wallets. We are not responsible for your mistakes.

Step 5: Withdraw your funds

After having followed the steps above, you can simply press the “Withdraw ETH” button, thus causing a withdrawal request on our system. You will be given an estimate time to wait for your withdrawal to be processed. From now on, the process is automatic. You can now enjoy a cup of coffee, and then likely come back to your funds having been mixed.

Done! Enjoy your funds.

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As we are an independent mixer, we have to use our own funds to get the initial liquidity for our withdrawals to be processed.

Revenue measure

Our revenue is measured as 0.25% of the non-beneficial user-mixed funds. In other words, for every $100 mixed by a non-beneficial user on our tool, we earn $0.25, thus resulting on a 0.25% fee, which is currently the lowest of the market. We do not earn anything besides loyalty from those who choose to hold tokens and become a beneficial customer. However, as they are essentially buying a share of our project, we expect them to vouch for our product and its effectiveness.

Benefits of token-holding

The two main benefits are the ability to drop fees to nothing but mixing gas, which will be the unchanged norm for holders using our products, while the second benefit is for users to get a share of the generated revenue from our product. In order to be eligible for the aforementioned benefits, you need to hold at least 250.000 $CM tokens. As a holder, you will get a share directly tied to the percentage of tokens being held by you, meaning that if you are holding 1% of $CM, you will get 0.5% of the total revenue (1% of 50%).

Fund gathering

Initial funding for the mixer will be gathered from a percentage of token generated taxes on the first week of the token. This is only needed once, as the funds are then mixed and re-used, providing our functionality, which is why it is only done the first week.

Potential of partnering

When our mixer increases on popularity, we might offer our service as an API for a smaller fee than competitors. This will provide a partnership potential, however, this is an option that is yet to be discussed, so see this as a possibility, as we would much rather have a monopoly.

How low can fees go

The fees for our mixer can go as low as possible, however, as we need to generate a revenue, we have decided to keep them at 0.25% for non-beneficial users and 0% for beneficial users.

Transparency of the process

As much as our mixing process will obviously stay behind close doors, as it is our own algorithm and we do not want for it to be traced (as that would defeat the purpose of the mixer), we will, however, be transparent about the volume processed from our tool and the revenue generated from it.


It is important to note that FixedFloat's cheapest rate is at 0.5% + gas required for the mix, making us the cheapest option of the market.